Facilitating Collaboration

Our Facilitation Style

Our primary role as facilitators and consultants is to support the creation of an environment which enables our clients to develop:

  • shared goals,
  • stronger working relationships and
  • practical, useful strategies for working together more meaningfully and more effectively.
We hold ourselves accountable for using the participants' time wisely and productively.

We assume responsibility for maintaining a neutral, non-judgmental position in relation to:

  • the facilitation of group process issues, and
  • the discussion/resolution of workplace needs and issues.

We focus on the two fundamental dimensions of successful workplace collaboration:

  • the process of building/maintaining relationships and communicating effectively, and
  • the task of working through and resolving the "real work" needs and issues.

We design our facilitated sessions to be informal working sessions with enough time and flexibility:

  • to reflect upon and discuss critical needs, issues and concerns,
  • to develop comprehensive and effective action plans, and
  • to accommodate unexpected developments during the session.

We co-facilitate all of our meetings. Based on our experience, we believe this approach:

  • allows the team to accomplish more in less time;
  • offers more variety and interest for the meeting participants;
  • provides the benefit of two perspectives:
    • in monitoring group process,
    • in identifying and evaluating issues, and
    • in resolving disagreements or conflicts;
  • enhances the effectiveness of the meeting by mirroring and modeling the collaborative process; and
  • provides a faster turn-around time in completing our clients' follow-up summary reports.

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