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An introduction to our consulting and facilitation experience, our approach, and our services

Site Map
Brief descriptions of the pages on the site

About Kimble/Zetty
Our professional experience, client feedback, and a representative client list

Client List
A representative list of our clients

Client Feedback
Feedback from our meeting participants

Our Experience (large pdf)
Kimble/Zetty Vitae

Our Style
The style and approach we use in our co-facilitated meetings.

Our Values
The core values upon which our professional practice is based.

Our Beliefs
The core beliefs upon which our professional practice is based.

Our Facilitated Sessions
What actually happens in our facilitated meetings

Our Services
Our approach to consulting and meeting facilitation, and the commitment we make to our clients.

How We Can Help
We will help you find ways to improve and enhance the performance of your team or organization.

Partnering is an effective strategy for successfully managing any type of collaborative project.

Partnering Elements
Facilitation tools and options that can be included in our Partnering workshops

Meetings That Work
How to turn frustrating, unproductive meetings into enjoyable, effective working sessions.

Open Space
Open Space: an innovative, self-organizing and refreshingly different approach which will change the way you think about and participate in meetings!

Data Analysis
Data Analysis: the collection, cleaning, processing, mining, modeling, statistical analysis, predictive analysis, visualization, presentation and communication of tabular data sets.

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