Facilitating Collaboration

Creating Meetings That Work

The following set of guidelines has been designed to serve as a practical set of criteria for ensuring that your organizational meetings are effectively designed and implemented.

Establish a clear focus and purpose for meeting.

  • Why are we meeting? Is there a legitimate reason for meeting, or are we simply meeting for the sake of meeting?
  • Will this be a decision-making meeting or an advisory meeting -- with recommendations and feedback only?
  • What do we hope to accomplish?
    • strategic planning?
    • project planning?
    • progress reports, updates and/or communication?
    • team building?
    • creative thinking or brainstorming?
    • problem solving?
    • conflict resolution?

Determine the size of the meeting.

  • Who should attend? (The right people are one key to success.)
  • How large should the meeting be? (Larger is not necessarily more problematic.)
  • Do we need full or limited stakeholder participation?
  • Should participation in the meeting be mandatory or voluntary?

Determine the type of structure needed for the meeting.

  • What kind of process or structure will be needed?
  • Should the meeting be formal or informal?
  • Will we need guidelines or groundrules?
  • Who will draft the agenda?
  • What criteria will be used for developing this agenda?

Determine if facilitation will be needed.

  • Do we need a dedicated and committed leader who is actively involved with organizational issues and who can advocate for what is needed?
  • Or, do we need a neutral facilitator who can help to create an open forum for dialogue and decision-making among diverse stakeholders who have differing perspectives, needs, issues and concerns?

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