Facilitating Collaboration

Our Facilitated Sessions

Our goal is to create an open forum in which the stakeholders will be able to achieve the following objectives.

Identify the present state: Where are we now?
This will include identifying individual and organizational values, needs, issues, and concerns, along with any relevant drivers for change and any current problems or challenges.

Identify the desired future state: Where do we want to be?
This will include the design and articulation of the stakeholders' shared vision, goals and objectives.

Develop specific "next step" strategies: How will we achieve our goals and objectives?
This will include creating:

  • process maps,
  • communication matrices,
  • issue resolution strategies,
  • plans for on-going evaluation and follow-up, and
  • the development of issue-specific, results-focused Action Plans which will clearly define:
    • What: the issue and action item,
    • Who: the individual responsible for follow-through, and
    • When: the time frame for completion.

In our facilitated sessions, we will support your team or organization in improving both the results they are achieving, and the relationships they are creating.

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