Facilitating Collaboration

How We Can Help

Are you an executive who is…
  • interested in creating a more open and more collaborative culture in your organization?
  • responsible for initiating a change in the strategic direction of your business?
  • struggling with a languishing change initiative?
Are you a project manager who is…
  • interested in establishing an atmosphere of teamwork and partnership on your project?
  • responsible for a project with a tight schedule and and an even tighter budget?
  • struggling with a complex project coordination issues and challenges?
Are your employees…
  • spending more time in meetings while accomplishing less?
  • bickering with each other when team work is required?
  • fighting fires instead of implementing your organization's core business goals and objectives?

We can help you explore ways in which your team or organization can improve and enhance its performance by:

  • creating working relationships based upon open, honest communication and trust.
  • establishing a shared vision with clearly articulated goals and objectives.
  • clarifying individual roles and responsibilities.
  • mapping clear lines communication.
  • analyzing the driving forces, constraints and critical path within your project or change initiative.
  • developing practical “next step” action plans which build in accountability and follow-through.
  • strengthening consensus building and issue resolution skills.
  • developing creative approaches for problem solving.
  • establishing clear guidelines for ongoing performance evaluation.
What We Offer

Our expertise lies in facilitating collaborative processes designed to improve communication and coordination between multiple groups of stakeholders.

We believe that most organizations have, or can obtain, virtually all the technical expertise they need in today’s complex and demanding business environment. However, we believe our organizational challenges lie in effectively dealing with the process-related issues involved in:

  • team development,
  • leadership development,
  • business process redesign and
  • project management.

We believe these organizational challenges can best be met through open communication, cooperation and collaboration.

In working with you as our client-partner, our goal will be to guide and support you in designing and implementing fair, effective collaborative processes designed and customized to:

  • open up communication within your team or organization,
  • encourage the free exchange and sharing of information,
  • coordinate action planning between multiple stakeholders,
  • enhance team work and collaboration, and
  • meet the immediate and long-term needs of your organization.
Our Initial Contact

In our initial contact with you, we will want to find out more about:

  • your current organizational needs and challenges,
  • your values, and
  • your goals and objectives.

We will also share more with you about our approach to consulting and facilitation, and we will respond to any questions you may have about the services we provide. Our eventual goal will be to jointly determine if there is a match between your organizational needs and our consulting/facilitation services.

Preassessment and Planning

When we agree to work together, our next step — prior to facilitating any collaborative work process or meeting — will be to conduct a thorough preassessment.

During this initial planning phase, we will work closely with you, and with any other key stakeholders who will be actively involved with or impacted by our work in your organization, to determine the primary needs and issues of your team or organization

Not only will this preassessment help to strengthen our understanding of the potential scope of work, this early involvement of multiple stakeholders will create greater trust and “buy-in” among the participants, well in advance of any facilitated meetings.

Our Intervention

We can enter into and work with your organization at any of several levels:

At the team level, we will focus on:

  • project management and coordination, especially with:
    • complex projects
    • multiple stakeholders
    • tight constraints (time, budget, staffing, etc.)
  • team development, especially in:
    • creating and managing cross-functional work teams,
    • encouraging open, honest communication
    • enhancing high performance team work, and
    • managing conflict.

At the organizational level, we will focus on systemic issues related to:

  • creating your organization’s strategic vision,
  • implementing your organization’s goals and objectives, and
  • developing an organizational culture which will support the implementation of these goals and objectives.

At the executive level, we will focus on developing and cultivating the facilitative leadership skills needed to utilize the full potential within your organization.

Because we believe every consulting relationship and collaborative partnership is unique, we customize and tailor all of our facilitated process designs to meet the specific needs, issues and concerns of the stakeholders with whom we are working.

All decisions regarding the scope of work, and the level/focus of our intervention will be made jointly, based upon the results of our preassessment and our on-going dialogue with you.

For more information about how each facilitated process will be designed and implemented, please see:

Our Services

Our Facilitation Style

Creating Meetings That Work

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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