Facilitating Collaboration

Our Beliefs

Everybody counts.

Effectively assessing organizational needs and implementing organizational change depend upon the input, feedback and decision-making of all the stakeholders within the system.

"Ordinary" people can achieve extraordinary results.

People are eager to engage their heads and hearts, as well as their hands, and they will successfully rise to meet meaningful and relevant challenges.

The wisdom is in the system.

The organization, along with the larger context within which it operates, contains all the wisdom, intelligence and insight needed to implement change creatively, effectively, and appropriately.

Flexible organizations are able to initiate and respond more effectively to change.

More flexible and dynamic organizational designs are essential for organizational success, both now and in the future.

Organizations have the potential to be self-designing, self-organizing and self-managing.

Collaborative, cooperative, and self-organizing processes emerge naturally and spontaneously within an open, flexible and supportive environment.

A shared vision of the future can inspire successful change and transformation.

Creatively designing a shared future generates more energy and a deeper commitment toward achieving successful organizational change.

We can create what we can imagine.

Through clear intention and informed choice, people can, both individually and collectively, create their desired futures.

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