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About Metta Zetty & Gary Kimble

Gary Kimble and Metta Zetty are meeting facilitators and management consultants with over 40 years of combined experience facilitating collaborative work processes with businesses in the private and public sectors, both nationally and internationally. We have designed and delivered developmental and technical training to employees at every organizational level, from senior corporate executives and mid-level managers to engineering, technical and front-line staff.

Our professional expertise lies in facilitating collaborative processes designed to improve communication, cooperation and coordination among multiple groups of stakeholders. And, our professional commitment is to assist their clients in developing open, intelligent and flexible learning organizations with the capacity to create their own futures.

Our personal and professional vision is to invite, encourage and support the realization of our fullest human potential.

In the workplace, our consulting and facilitation practice focuses on enabling people to work together more effectively, and our facilitation skills are most frequently used in the context of:

  • project management,
  • team building and cross-functional team development,
  • business process redesign,
  • leadership development and executive coaching,
  • strategic planning and organizational change, and
  • facilitator training.

As dynamic facilitators with strong leadership and interpersonal skills, we are committed to supporting our clients in:

  • creating strong work team relationships, through open communication and the free exchange of information, and
  • achieving organizational goals and objectives, through coordinated action planning and the responsible delivery of products and services.

To this end, we have adopted a practical, "relationships and results" focused approach to collaborative process facilitation which involves:

  • clarifying lines of communication, roles and responsibilities;
  • reviewing current stakeholder needs, issues and concerns;
  • developing mutually agreed-upon strategies for on-going issue resolution and performance evaluation; and
  • establishing issue-specific Action Plans which clearly define:
    • Who: the individual responsible for follow-through,
    • What: the issue and action item to which they agree, and
    • When: the time frame for completion.

This pragmatic approach to facilitation is one of the hallmarks of our consulting practice, and is a primary reason for our clients' high level of satisfaction with the services we provide.

Gary has an M.A. in Psychology from The University of Cincinnati, Ohio, and a B.S. in Psychology from Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.

Metta has an M.Ed. in Human Resource Development Leadership from The University of Texas at Austin, and a B.A. in Religion from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.

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